Pricing and Serving Sizes:


$100 minimum total order.

Cake prices are determined based on the serving size, the design and level of detail. The quote process cannot begin until all the above information has been given. 

Cake servings are set at 10 serving integrals, i.e. 20, 30, 40, etc…

If you are in need of a cake in between these amounts you will need to round to the nearest 10. Cakes for 30 servings or less can not be made in half and half or marble. (i.e. half chocolate and half vanilla side by side)

Prices listed below are a rough starting guideline. You can use the listed prices to get an idea of what you might be spending, but the final quote based on amount of servings and level of detail will be determined by Kandikakes Bakery.

Custom made figures such as characters and people, decorations such as large bows, flowers, or any other 3D type piece will be an additional charge. 


Due to changing costs in materials final total price can not be guaranteed until no more than 6 months before the event date. 

CELEBRATION CAKES- 2 layers per tier       WEDDING CAKES - 3 layers per tier

Cake minimum 10 servings. 

$6.00 per serving  - basic cake flavor with buttercream frosting, no filling, covered with fondant and simple decorations. (dots, stripes, chevron, other simple shapes. etc…)


$6.50 per serving - basic cake flavor with buttercream frosting, no filling. Fully custom decorations. Figures, characters and handmade objects may be additional. Fondant covered. 


$8 and up per serving - basic cake flavor with buttercream frosting, no filling. Fully sculpted and/or custom made details. Fondant covered. 

CUPCAKES - Cupcake prices are for basic cupcakes with just frosting (2 colors max) and sprinkles(2 styles/colors max). Custom decorations and toppers are an additional charge. Specialty flavors will be an additional charge. Liners will be white, but can be upgraded to colors or theme for additional charge. Sold only in 1 or 2 dozen increments per flavor. 


KIDS - minimum 2 dozen per 1 flavor - $60 basic  $65 specialty   $70 premium  

ADULT -minimum 1 dozen per 1 flavor - $42 basic  $47 specialty   $52 premium 

COOKIES - 2 DOZEN MINIMUM - starting at $3.50 per cookie 

    (more detailed designs, additional colors or designs and custom shapes may additional)  

DESSERT TABLES - Click here for more information on creating a custom dessert table for your wedding, company party, or other special events. Small treats and dessert items available for dessert tables only. 


Currently we DO NOT offer standard sheet cakes, cupcake cakes, cookie cakes or cake pops. 

Individual bags with ribbon ties are .25 cents per pieces. i.e. 2 dozen cookies bagged will be $6 additional.  


All quote prices are based on standard flavors unless a specific flavor is given in inquiry. Specialty flavors will be an additional charge. Cupcake quotes are based on 1 flavor choice. One dozen cupcakes can be split in to a maximum of 2 flavors for an additional $5.