I have decided to take a lighter load over the next few months and will only be accepting a few projects that are custom to your event. I will be a lot more picky with the projects I choose to take on so if you are planning an event and are looking for something special and unique get your info to me ASAP so I can check my availability. 


For the quickest response please send ALL the details listed below or directly to my email at Please only send to this email and DO NOT change the subject line in order to keep all info together.



I will not be taking orders for duplicates of my past designs other “trendy” designs any longer. I am looking to focus on new projects and challenges. If I am available I will be happy to create a new design based on the theme of your event. If I am not available I have a list of excellent cake friends that may be able to take your order. 


How to get a quote or schedule a tasting:

If you have pictures to share please send your quote or information requests directly to KANDICE@KANDIKAKES.COM with all of the information below. There is no need to fill out the request form below if you send a direct email. Please keep the subject line of all corresponding emails the same so that all information will stay attached together. 

It is best to get your orders in as soon as possible. Some dates are very popular and can fill up months in advance. At least 2 weeks notice is preferred, but exceptions may be allowed if there is an opening. Orders WILL NOT be accepted within 7 days of the requested date. 


There are many factors that need to be met for me to be “available”. I will need all of the below information to start the quote and design process. If you have not already provided me with it please send another email or message including everything below. 


Date and pick up time of event? I schedule 30 minute pick up appointments from 10am to 8pm. 


Type of event?




Items needed? (cake, cupcakes, cookies, etc..) I do not offer sheet cakes, cupcake cakes or cookie cakes. Cake pops only available with dessert table packages. 


Number of servings per Item? ($100 minimum order. Size minimums may apply)(Please give the number of servings needed and not the size cake you think you may need. For many servings there are different options servings can be met. I do not offer sheet cakes unless it is necessary to the design. i.e. a shirt or uniform)


Flavor choices? Each tier can be a different flavor as long as it meets my minimum serving amount, but it is best stay with 2 flavors at most. 


Reference photos? (These can be the invitation, decorations, toys, objects, outfits, etc.. Really almost anything is possible to be used for a cake design. You may also send photos of cakes you like, but I can not duplicate another design. I can do something similar. These will be used mainly for me to get a good feeling of what you like.)


Name, age or wording if needed. Wording is best kept to a minimum as it can sometimes overwhelm a custom design. I try and match the name and age to the then so that it flows well with the overall design.


EACH PERSON AND EVENT IS UNIQUE AND YOUR CAKE SHOULD BE TO. Please keep in mind you are not limited to duplicates of my previous work and it is actually preferred not to do repeats. 

Make sure to check your JUNK mail folder for a response. 

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